Blacks in America.



Hello Racists, KKK, Bigots and anyone who thinks of the black community as a bunch of Nigger-ish, AIDS/HIV spreading, Monkey Looking Criminals. I would also like to welcome any African-Americans or really anyone whose pigmentation or background puts them in the classification of being “black”.

Nothing surprises me anymore. White people using the N word has never and will never surprise me. Recently I went to a birthday party thrown by my co-workers for me. I was the only “African-American” in attendance. Everyone there was either “White” or of Hispanic descent…except for me. By the end of the night, after everyone had enough to drink, I was called a Nigga, Nigger, Negro by a white boy who felt as if he SHOULD be able to use that word, why not? After-all he has black friends… you know that line. He went to school with a lot of blacks and they were ok with it, most of them. And of course, according him, those that weren’t ok with it were in fact, ignorant. Besides, he heard on TV and on the radio and it’s just a part of culture.

Maybe you’re wondering what I said, what I did. Nothing. I could have said so much. I could have yelled, screamed, fought, debated. The thing is I’m not surprised. I’m not a Nigga, Nigger, Negro. My parents are of Haitian descent, currently one of  the poorest islands in the Caribbean. Haiti claimed a singular place in world history. The Haitian revolution, lasting from 1791 to 1804, culminated in the first independent nation in the Caribbean, the second democracy in the western hemisphere, and the first black republic in the world. In other words I, my people, we cut off the heads of the slave masters and burned their houses. We screamed “FREEDOM OR DEATH” and we won. I’m not knocking Dr. Martin Luther King or anyone who march peacefully while being beaten and hosed and bitten by canines or thrown in jail. I’m just saying I come from a group of people who didn’t ask for their freedom. They FOUGHT for it.

What I’m saying is hey white boys & girls. When you say “You’re a Nigga, Nigger, Negro” guess who doesn’t get bent out of shape. Yeah that’s right…me.

There’s a much bigger conversation to be had here though. I was born in New Jersey and I’ve never even traveled outside of America yet. There’s still so much slavery here and I ‘m dealing with the ignorance. Everyday. So many of us are. It takes so much to keep wading through the tsunami of crap. I feel like whites have purchased real estate in slavery. It’s insidious. If you’re “Black” it exists in your mind. We don’t realize how racist we are against ourselves. Don’t know what I mean? Light skin vs. Dark Skin is a prime example.

Are you well-educated? Do you have black friends? Ever heard the infamous statement “You sound white”?

I sound white because I know how to form a proper sentence. “You act so white.” I don’t support meaningless acts of violence and/or aggression, I’m not acting ignorant or speaking loudly and unintelligibly. Of course IF I WAS doing that I would be acting black right? Because of course, that’s what acting black is….right?

He’s crazy, they say. Of course that’s what they say, blacks more than anyone. But I implore you to listen to what he’s saying because it’s true.

There are some of you who will beg to differ. You’ll say I’m just as ignorant and delusional. You’ll say racism doesn’t exist anymore. Where do you live? Under a rock? I’m not bitter and I’m not angry at all. But this is the cold hard truth. Open your fucking eyes people. This isn’t a call to action. I’m not even saying we should do something about it, though we should. I’m just saying stop acting like it’s not a problem or as if it’s not real. Racism isn’t Santa or the Tooth Fairy. It’s not some fake story your parents/grandparents told you. It’s fucking real. Accept it.


X. The Cold Hard Truth